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Monday, May 16, 2011

Eme On Lord of The Rings

I was watching Lord of The Rings with my brother and I kept making fun of it on my FB.

These are a few comments I made about it...

• I don't think they could have picked a bigger retard to take the ring to that mountain. It's like they said "Hey just let Forest take it everybody!"

• I think that the Decent is what happen to Gollum after they tossed the ring into that volcano. He just romed around there and gave birth to 100's of other Gollums. And they are just looking for their precious.

• Hobbits are gay... well not all of them just Frodo and Samwise. Merry and Pippin are so much cooler. The whole movie I was like ... “That's so gay.”

• But the movie is awesome Because they have cool names.... like Legolas!

• Hobbits in this movie are pretty high. They need to lay off the elfbread.

• HA! Maybe Agent Smith should turn into a lot of Agent Smith Elves and then that can win this battle!

• Agent Elf Smith can only see into the futrue Because he seen it in the matrix.

• I think this movie is just about how gay they all are for each other.

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